The Project Data Analytics Task Force comprises a team of senior level professionals who have a mission to use data to transform project performance.

Our Vision

Projects are vital for transformation, growth and economic prosperity. Yet the probability of delivering a major project within the sanctioned cost, time and benefits envelope is only 0.5%. We aspire to seize the immense opportunities enabled by project data and the power of analytical tools, to in five years deliver a 10-fold improvement on project performance. We have created a driving taskforce through integrating the efforts of thought leaders and aligned communities. Through this initiative, we will develop an engine for change; moving quickly together than alone.

What Is The PDA Task Force?

Step changes in project delivery do not happen by chance – they require a force to overcome the inertia of the status quo and direction to ensure the changes are genuinely for the better. We believe this requires an industry-led approach with a common purpose. So we created the cross-sector Project Data Analytics Task Force which will provide energy and direction across six workstreams.

The Workstreams

The taskforce is split into seven workstreams focussing on the different aspects of project data analytics needed to drive change

Why Should I Get Involved

The Project Data Analytics Task Force welcomes involvement at every level, from every sector; from project through to data professionals. Only by working collaboratively and collegiately will we deliver such a bold and aspirational vision. Join the revolution and help deliver the vision within your sector.