For project professionals we believe that the biggest untapped potential to contribute to the climate and nature emergencies is through effective data analytics driving out ‘waste’ in every aspect of decision making in project delivery.  But there are human and commercial barriers to this which is why the Project Data Analytics Task Force (PDATF) has chosen to start by raising awareness amongst project and data professionals of the challenge at the foundation of the profession where there is the greatest opportunity to make change happen.

Using carbon as a proxy for climate change action, the Carbon Self-Evaluation Tool helps individuals to benchmark themselves against their peers in their own and other sectors, to assess and influence the use of carbon data in project delivery. The tool encourages action to be taken from the bottom up while providing data that will challenge the effectiveness of top-down strategies and policies. Suggestions will be made as to what actions individuals can take and also share good practice and identify where help and support are needed.  By taking part, individuals will also help to shine a light on how we are doing as a collective, with the aim of taking these insights to COP26.  As a project delivery community don’t underestimate our immense collective power, and our moral duty to act. We do have a choice about what we do, and the time is NOW.

The Carbon Self evaluation form is currently being finalised and once it is live, please click here to complete the Carbon Self-Evaluation (coming soon) and start your journey now.


Carbon Self Evaluation Dashboard