One of the most significant barriers to achieving our vision of data driven projects is the inaccessibility of data. The siloed nature of project data currently is detrimental to the sector, leading to repeated mistakes and forgotten lessons. Last year Gartner predicted that “by 2023, organisations that promote data sharing will outperform their peers on most business value metrics and generate three times more measurable economic benefit than those who do not.”

he Data Access workstream is focussing their efforts on driving data sharing across projects and face the challenges of a lack of willingness, ability, and confidence to share data. Data trusts offer a potential solution, with work emerging in the construction and oil and gas sectors. Whatever the approach, we need a means to define the rules and mechanisms to manage the ways pools of data can be collated, combined, and accessed.

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Workstream Leads

Grant Findlay, Director of Strategy & Innovation for Sir Robert McAlpine

Data Access co-lead

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Grant is a Chartered Civil Engineer with 30 years of experience of running major projects and construction businesses in the UK and overseas.  Sir Robert McAlpine was an early participant and sponsor of the project data analytics community and hackathons.  His involvement inspired Grant to found the Construction Data Trust, which aims to collaborate across the sector on data-led transformation projects.   Grant is also a Trustee of the Career College Trust and is a member of the Employer Board of the first Digital Construction Career College.

‘I am delighted to have been invited to join the Taskforce at the beginning of this exciting journey to transform project delivery.  The construction sector has been slow to embrace digital technology.  However, the pace of change is now rapid and the opportunity to lever our cross industry experience promises a step change in project performance’

Gareth Parkes, Head of Data & Analytics, Sir Robert McAlpine

Data Access co-lead

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Gareth Parkes leads data, innovation, and transformation projects at Sir Robert McAlpine. Gareth is passionate about making the best use of organisational knowledge and finding innovative solutions to established problems.

He believes collaboration and empowering people are the best ways to make change last. One way he’s making that happen is through his role in setting up the Construction Data Trust: a mechanism for collaborative, transformative change through data and analytics. Gareth owns data strategy for SRM; helping teams use data to find new ways of doing things better. He studied Chemical Engineering at Nottingham and Economics & Policy at UCL. In his free time, Gareth loves traveling and spending time with his young family.