Step changes in management practices do not happen by chance – they require a force to overcome the inertia of the status quo and direction to ensure the changes are genuinely for the better.

We believe this requires an industry-led approach and a common purpose. To achieve our vision and deliver the business case we will mobilise a cross-sector Project Data Analytics Task Force which will provide energy and direction across six workstreams.

Objectives Of The Task Force

  • Provide a UK based forum for instigating, co-ordinating and inspiring work on project data analytics, providing a focal point for the community and other organisations to co-ordinate, collaborate, manage interfaces and develop projects for mutual benefit. Opportunities for international collaboration may emerge.
  • Work with the community to develop the vision, roadmaps and provide thought leadership for project data analytics across all sectors.
  • Facilitate the democratisation of data, project data analytics methods, tools, code and good practice to enable everyone to move more quickly together than alone. Whilst leaving room for high end capabilities that involve significant amounts of development, help integrate work on data trusts and other data pooling initiatives.
  • Help identify and unlock funding opportunities for the benefit of the community and wider agenda, enabling project data analytics to compete against other priorities.
  • Facilitate the development of use cases, data models, ontologies, taxonomies, standards and protocols.
  • Facilitate understanding of training needs and gaps in capacity and capability,
  • Provide a route for engaging with research and innovators, prioritising research objectives and facilitating horizon scanning, insights and community events,
  • Provide a channel for innovators and SMEs to work with industry and government.