On 30th September an online event was held to launch the Project Data Analytics Task Force. A cross sector collaboration of senior professionals with a shared interest in transforming how projects are delivered.

With an attendance of over 250 people, the Task Force have begun their quest to engage with a broad cross section of the project and data communities. Encouraging them to rise to the challenge and join the initiative to deliver a 10x improvement in project delivery performance.  A vision that can only be delivered through challenging established thinking, pivoting how we extract value data and working collaboratively.

The launch event also saw the publication of the Task Force White Paper  which helps to outline key workstreams and a way ahead.

A significant milestone at the start of our journey. One we appreciate is bold and aspirational, but unprecedented times call for leadership and transformational thinking. It is future we know is deliverable, but only if we work together.

If you would like to get involved then please reach out via our contact form


Project Data Analytics Task Force webinar
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